Eyelet McCall's MP205 Cover-Up

It's really starting to feel like summer here in eastern Ohio. I've been hanging onto McCall's MP205 for a while, and finally decided that the loose shape would make a perfect bathing suit cover up. 
I had two yards of this beautiful eyelet from the The Tin Thimble (available for purchase, here), but I didn't love the color. One box of 'tangerine' Rit dye and ta da! The perfect orange for summer. 

The two yards I had wasn't quiiiiite enough, so I did end up having to piece together the back, but unless I had told you that, you wouldn't know. I made view D in a size small. I love that it's loose and oversized, but had it been for anything other than a cover up, I would have made the extra small. 

The beauty of this pattern is that it's essentially a bunch of squares sewn together, which means it's a quick project. The self lined front and back inset pieces make for a more professional looking garment, and I would advise not skipping that step. 

Usually I harp about finishing the seams of your project. Buuuuut, I didn't finish this one. I know. Tisk tisk. Shame on me. I may go over the seams with a quick zig zag, but I haven't yet, so it's not real pretty on the inside.

If you're wondering, I sewed the whole garment first and then dyed it. I dyed it in the washing machine following the instructions on the inside of the box. 

This summer I'd really, really, like to tackle making an actual bathing suit. I don't sew much with stretchy fabrics, because I don't wear much stretchy fabrics, but a bathing suit is something I think I would really love to make and customize for myself. 

What summer projects are you making this year??

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

Other details: Hat from Target. Sandals by Steve Madden. Glasses by Jessica Simpson.


  1. That color is PERFECT! Fresh and bold! I think that would be cute as a non-cover-up too (or I guess all clothes cover something up. You know what I mean!).

    1. Thank you, Lia! I love a good, bold color in the summer. Haha yes, I know exactly what you mean, and I agree! Thank you for reading!


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