Monday, April 18, 2016

Handmade Denim Jeans: Baste & Gather's Birkin Flares

I made my first-ever pair of denim jeans. I have been wanting to make jeans for so long, but have been waiting to find a pattern that I thought would be successful. I stumbled upon Baste + Gather's 'Birkin Flares' and saw how many beautiful versions of these pants were popping up on Instagram and I had a good feeling about it!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Basics of Garment Construction: Pleats, Tucks & Gathers

Happy Saturday, readers! Today, I'm bringin' you part 2 of our Sewcabulary: Basic Garment Construction series and we'll talk about pleats, tucks & gathers. 

Ready? If you have your sewing book handy (I recommended some in part 1 of this series) go ahead and grab it. I would also recommend looking through your closet (or better yet, your sewing pattern collection if you're starting to collect them, that is) to see where you can find these techniques in your clothing, or the clothing you want to make. 

Let's begin today with a quick synopsis of what pleats, tucks and gathers are. All three techniques are method for creating fullness in a garment. These techniques are often how we get "poofy-ness" in our skirts, dresses, and puff.