Sunday, December 13, 2015

How We Decorated for the Holidays on a Dime

I mentioned in the "Easy DIY Pinecone Ornaments" post that my fiance is in an apprenticeship program to become an lineman. Linemen, for those of you who aren't sure what they are, are the guys that work on the power lines in your neighborhood, as well as the huge metal towers and lines you see outside your city. The apprenticeship takes about 3 years, and because Dan has to get a certain amount of hours in certain skills, we'll move every 6-12 months depending on where there is work for apprentices. So, while I'm blessed to say we have a house here in Charleston (many people simply buy campers & live out of them to simplify the moving process), it is a fairly temporary situation.

We moved across the country with a week's notice, and because of the rush, I left everything that wasn't essential on the West Coast. That means, I didn't have a single Christmas decoration when December rolled around. Oh, and because we're getting married in 5 short months (yeeeeee!!) we are saving our pennies to pay for the big day. So, very limited money + no buying of more stuff that we'll have to lug around with us when we move = tricky Christmas decorating. 

If you're in a similar financial, or housing, both, I thought I'd share with you how we decorated on a dime in hopes that I could inspire someone else!

I collected a large trash bag of pinecones off the street we live on. That means these beauties were free! If you're lucky enough to live in (or near) the mountains, head out for a day and collect several different kinds, you can use them for pretty much all your holiday decorating. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Make Your own Paper Pinwheel Tree Topper!

Last week's post was a quick, simple, tutorial on how to make beautiful pinecone ornaments. This week, I'd like to share how I made our large pinwheel tree topper. You could also take this tutorial and use it to make small pinwheels as ornaments. I made many small wheels out of pages from books (cheap, paperbacks in poor condition from Goodwill for fifty cents), printed and plain colored paper. 

DIY Pinwheel Tree Topper by Palindrome Dry Goods