Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Post graduation life is weird. Living on your own is even weirder. There are certain things that you take for granted when you live with your parents, and even when you live with roommates. Living in my teensy-tiny little apartment is awesome in countless ways, but it is also rather strange at times, and I now realize the things I previously took for granted. Like garlic salt. I've never  had to buy garlic salt because someone else always had it. And despite the fact that there is only me to make messes now, I find that I still do as much cleaning as I did when I lived with other people. Too bad that didn't change! Anyway, when I moved I realized I didn't have one of the most simple things, a couch. Turns out that despite the fact that I'm feelin' pretty darn independent these days, I still need the help of my family. Thanks to my mom and dad, their endless creativity and a pretty neat stack of reclaimed wood, we were able to construct a lovely couch! Here is my sad, incomplete living room before...

Solid redwood from a pergola at The Benbow Inn in Humboldt County and tounge-and-groove slats from my sister's remodeled kitchen. 

Dad doin' his thing with the saw. 

Me using the nail gun. I could use that thing all day, it's fun! 


...and after!!

I recovered my pillows and the cushion I found with fabrics from The Tin Thimble to complete the look. Thanks to my parents for all their patience and help!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Handmade Butterick 6582 in Fantastic Psychedelic Vintage Voile

For the past 3 years now, I have always been on the ball when it came to preparing for The Tin Thimble's Handmade Summer Wardrobe Fashion Show and coordinating Fashion Week. This year, I am so elated to say, is our fourth annual event and I am as excited as ever to begin preparing. It is with a sheepish smile that I admit, however, that I am not so prepared this year. The show is a mere 4 months away and I am just now completing my first piece. I cringe. Anyway, check back in for more pieces in the following weeks and months, this first piece has me thoroughly inspired and excited to create more!

Photos by the kind, talented Marie Clark of Permanent Glimpse Photography.

The pattern is Butterick 6582. It is made with a vintage cotton/poly floral voile is some of my favorite, neon colors. It is fully lined with 100% pima cotton, which gives the skirt a healthy amount of body and is perfect to swish around in.Zip back with two buttons at the top. Found a belt at Target that matched perfectly. 

Green velvet bows on the shoulders make the dress extra girly and fun.

Fluorescent orange pumps from DSW by Jessica Simpson. They're my multi-purpose graduation shoes and I plan on wearing them as often as I possibly can. 
I hope to wear this outfit to my best friends' graduation celebration in Humboldt County in May. I cannot wait to celebrate such a great day with them in such a fun dress!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Quarter-Life Crisis


Gosh, I'm so sorry for my absence! It's been too long. Things in my life have been a little...hectic. I'm graduating from college in May (just a mere 53 days from now) and am finding myself at one of those places you commonly hear referred to as a "crossroads". The scary and exhilarating fact of complete independence lies before me. Living on my own in my very own apartment, paying all of my own bills (Family, thanks for all the help these past few years!), making all my own money.
I look back on the college town I've fallen in love with, all the incredible friends I've made and the general shenanigans Chico and my friends have gotten us into. I look forward, somewhat reluctantly, somewhat excitedly, to what happens from here on. Two jobs, starting a new chapter, making new friends, learning new skills and I think, "Does this mean I'll be a...a...a grown up? A real grown-up, adult-like person?" Weird.
I always knew I'd be excited to graduate college and move on with life but I was unprepared for the overwhelming amount of changes and decisions that would come with this graduation business. So to distract myself from the absolutely confusing mixture of melancholy and thrilling emotions I've been feeling, I've been trying to stay focused on the little things like...

...the beautiful spring weather, and all the blossoms that come with it. 

...graduation preparations that involve parties and purty dresses. Dress from Anthropologie. Shoes from DSW.  

...sewing pretty spring items for Etsy and Mending Mondays (for my local followers, there's more information on my Facebook page).

...beginning projects for the Tin Thimble's Fashion Week

I will have some exciting projects to share with you soon, so please stay tuned. Happy Spring, everyone! As always, comments and shares are greatly appreciated and make me glow with happiness!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Colette's Hazel in Wool Gabardine and Wool Plaid

When The Tin Thimble received the entire line of Colette patterns I felt like a little kid at Christmas. I went through the box saying" Ooh, look at this one!", "Ah, this is so cute!", "Eeek, I love this one!". The Colette patterns were followed by two large (and very exciting) boxes of apparel fabrics, and I took it as a sign. I made the Colette "Hazel" with a wool/poly blend plaid and wool gabardine. I made it as a shop example and it just so happened to fit Emma to a tee (lucky brat). 

Yep, that's a contrasting pocket. Love!

How cute is she? Gosh. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Warmth

Hello! How is everyones winter going? Here in Northern California it's freakin' cold. Real cold. I hope everyone is staying warm! Speaking of staying warm, some of you may remember when I made my man a quilt to keep out the Quincy cold. Well, when he took that blanket back to his Mom's house, his brother began to use it more than Matthew did. So for Christmas, I was asked to make Sean a quilt of his own. Again, I'm not a quilter, but I must say, making these is fun. Maybe it's because I get to use wools and corduroys and heavy fabrics that I don't often sew with. Maybe it's because I can sew them up so quickly, maybe it's just because I'm making them for special people. I don't know, all I know is that this one was just as fun to make as Matthew's.

The top is made from new and vintage wool, wool gabardine, corduroy, flannel and cotton.

The flannel on the left and the wool/poly blend on the right are available at The Tin Thimble.

The back is some fantastic vintage wool yardage that very closely resembles an old army blanket and the middle is a god-awful double knit, burgundy (ew), vintage polyester. Sean said he likes Matthew's quilt because it's heavy, and my god, nothing is as heavy as double knit polyester. It's also ridiculously warm. 

Happy belated New Year everyone! I've been busy working and have more exciting things to share with you soon. Stay warm!