Thursday, December 29, 2011

Everything in it's right place

I'm back home for a month or so on winter break, and am glad to be back at The Tin Thimble. When I am not working, my time is used doing non-useful things, like sewing projects for myself, and homework, and watching Dexter...lots of Dexter. But now that I'm home, I am reminded of just how nice it is to work and be depended on, and do useful things.

I spend a lot of time doing housekeeping things around the shop, a lot of filing, and organizing, and cleaning, on top of the fun stuff (like teaching lessons). Upon reorganizing some of our quilting fat quarters, I took a look around our little store and saw it in a new light. To some people who walk into The Tin Thimble for the first time, they might experience...sensory overload. It is impossible to shove the Thimble into any sort of category, for it contains, quite literally, a little bit of everything. Bolts of fabric stand proudly on any available shelf, hand felted works of art are draped over nearly half of the shop, wool rovings burst with a thousand colors along the studio wall, vintage patterns push out of their over-packed drawers, my sister's jewelry case glitters in the light, hand dyed flat wools are stacked in wobbly piles according to color, 5 foot rolls of silk teeter at the end of the cutting table, stacks of trim zig-zag within their fruit crates, and hand made gifts occupy any left-over space. To some, our store might appear like a jumble of colorful, mis-matched, items, however, the longer you look, the more it becomes apparent that everything is, in fact, just exactly where it belongs.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pom-pom trim

I think I'm beginning to realize a new obsession...

Most of these are (or were!) available at my Etsy shop. Take a gander if you please! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A spin on life

As I said in the last post, I learned to do something very exciting over Thanksgiving break. My mom and my sister (Lisa) taught me how to spin! Yes, as in how to spin wool into yarn, with a real-life spinning wheel. My sewing had become a bit stagnant and my embroidery and paper crafting skills weren't exactly improving, hence, it was a perfect time to learn something new and feel inspired again! 

My firsts successful plied yarn. A little too chunky, and a little too thin in some places. All in all though, I'd say it was a good first attempt!

Hanging to dry after the twist was set.

I also spun that blue, purple and green one! 

An action shot! 

After having spun the yarn, my boyfriend gave me a nice little refreshing demonstration on how to crochet. One (and a half) new skills over one vacation. Now that 's a success! What would you like to learn how to do??