Monday, August 31, 2015

Pattern Review for Vintage Vogue 7637 Dress: My Handmade Version in Wool

I am a scorpio. I don't particularly like hot weather. I prefer sweaters to swim suits. The sound of rain makes my soul happy. Do you know what I'm getting at? Fall!! My favorite season of all is almost here. I was a bit preemptive, it is, sadly, 90 degrees outside today, when I decided to make this wool dress, but I couldn't help myself. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Palindrome Dry Good's Fifth Birthday Celebration!

Hello there!

Five years ago I got an idea in my head that I could use my novice sewing skills to start a business. Five years ago I spent hours setting up an Etsy store, a blog, an email, and I even bought an official domain name. I knew nothing about online marketing or sales. I knew nothing about blogging. I knew nothing about running a business, or accounting, or using social media for business, or PayPal. Hell, I barely knew how to sew.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Look 6902 Halter in Field Study Linen by Anna Maria Horner

Like the Daisy Top featured in the Flashback Friday post, Marie Clark of Permanent Glimpse Photography photographed this top for me several years ago. I love this piece so much, and I'm happy to be able to share it to you! In fact, I love this piece so  much that I braved my storage unit when we went home to California, to dig it out and bring it back to the east coast with me.