Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Colette's Hazel in Wool Gabardine and Wool Plaid

When The Tin Thimble received the entire line of Colette patterns I felt like a little kid at Christmas. I went through the box saying" Ooh, look at this one!", "Ah, this is so cute!", "Eeek, I love this one!". The Colette patterns were followed by two large (and very exciting) boxes of apparel fabrics, and I took it as a sign. I made the Colette "Hazel" with a wool/poly blend plaid and wool gabardine. I made it as a shop example and it just so happened to fit Emma to a tee (lucky brat). 

Yep, that's a contrasting pocket. Love!

How cute is she? Gosh. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Warmth

Hello! How is everyones winter going? Here in Northern California it's freakin' cold. Real cold. I hope everyone is staying warm! Speaking of staying warm, some of you may remember when I made my man a quilt to keep out the Quincy cold. Well, when he took that blanket back to his Mom's house, his brother began to use it more than Matthew did. So for Christmas, I was asked to make Sean a quilt of his own. Again, I'm not a quilter, but I must say, making these is fun. Maybe it's because I get to use wools and corduroys and heavy fabrics that I don't often sew with. Maybe it's because I can sew them up so quickly, maybe it's just because I'm making them for special people. I don't know, all I know is that this one was just as fun to make as Matthew's.

The top is made from new and vintage wool, wool gabardine, corduroy, flannel and cotton.

The flannel on the left and the wool/poly blend on the right are available at The Tin Thimble.

The back is some fantastic vintage wool yardage that very closely resembles an old army blanket and the middle is a god-awful double knit, burgundy (ew), vintage polyester. Sean said he likes Matthew's quilt because it's heavy, and my god, nothing is as heavy as double knit polyester. It's also ridiculously warm. 

Happy belated New Year everyone! I've been busy working and have more exciting things to share with you soon. Stay warm!