Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Restore a Vintage Sewing Machine

Hello there! Let's get right to it, shall we?

From Palindrome Dry Goods: How to Restore a Vintage Sewing Machine

Easy DIY Pinecone Ornaments

Hello! A while back I made these gift toppers, and after rereading that post, I was inspired to make a Christmas project! Today I'm going to show you how to turn pinecones into beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. I scoured the forests here in Charleston for pinecones and came back mostly empty-handed. On a run one day, I stepped on a beautiful pinecone and nearly shouted with excitement. My neighbors have a beautiful evergreen that produces lovely cones. Thanks neighbors! These ornaments are great because not only are pinecones free, but they come in hundreds of different varieties and are a blank canvas for all holiday decorating. They can be used for wreaths, garlands, ornaments, gift toppers, table settings, mantle additions, the list goes on and on.

Easy DIY Pinecone Ornaments from Palindrome Dry Goods

Monday, November 28, 2016

How to Make an Envelope Style Pillow Sham

Hello there! I recently wrote a blog post for So Sew Easy on how to make appliques and now I'd like to show you how to make an adorable, and simple, envelope style pillow sham to adhere those appliques to! These adorable shams are a great way to decorate on a dime for all holidays. You can make shams for your existing pillows, or buy (or make!) new pillows to cover. The possibilities here are endless because you can choose any word or shape that you want. Hearts, bows and lips for Valentines day. Snowflakes, Christmas trees, holly and more for Christmas. Turkeys, leaves, cornucopias and pumpkins for Thanksgiving. The list goes on and on!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to Sew a Buttonhole Without a Special Foot!

Hello everyone!

Today let's talk about a basic, but intimidating, sewing skill: buttonholes. Buttons are such a beautiful closure method for garments, and let's be real, who doesn't love jars and jars full of adorable, colorful buttons? When I used to mention the word 'buttonholes' in my sewing classes, students would look at my wide-eyed and terrified. I'm not sure what it is about these little openings that evoke such fear from newbie sewists, but I'm here today to quell those fears.

Let's learn, step-by-step, how to sew buttonholes on a sewing machine, without any special feet or attachments.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Handmade Wedding Dress

Handmade Wedding Dress on Palindrome Dry Goods
Photo by Ryan Greenleaf Photography.

Hello everyone!

A lot has changed since I last visited with y'all. My handsome, sweet, hardworking, husband Dan and I were married a month ago and I am so excited to share the process and final result of making my wedding dress! Wedding photos by Ryan Greenleaf Photography, who I highly recommend.

If you follow me on Instagram (@palindromedrygoods) you may have seen some updates about the process of constructing my wedding dress. Though I helped, my mother is the artist, seamstress and visionary behind my beautiful dress. Since she doesn't blog, I'll happily brag about her and her talents. Mom, you are seriously inspiring and there's no possible way I could ever say 'thank you' enough for putting so much time, energy and love into my wedding dress.

Handmade Wedding Dress on Palindrome Dry Goods
Photo by Ryan Greenleaf Photography. Read more about my Mom's handmade mother of the bride dress here

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ask me your Sewing Questions!

Palindrome Dry Goods: Ask me your Sewing Questions!

I have a hefty notebook full of exciting ideas for Palindrome Dry Goods this year and I'm excited to start producing new posts for y'all. However, before I begin writing, I wanted to hear it straight from all of you: what sewing questions do you have? What techniques are you interested in learning? What sewing challenges are you trying to overcome? I'd love to produce custom-fit content for you, my awesome readers. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Handmade Denim Jeans: Baste & Gather's Birkin Flares

I made my first-ever pair of denim jeans. I have been wanting to make jeans for so long, but have been waiting to find a pattern that I thought would be successful. I stumbled upon Baste + Gather's 'Birkin Flares' and saw how many beautiful versions of these pants were popping up on Instagram and I had a good feeling about it!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Basics of Garment Construction: Pleats, Tucks & Gathers

Happy Saturday, readers! Today, I'm bringin' you part 2 of our Sewcabulary: Basic Garment Construction series and we'll talk about pleats, tucks & gathers. 

Ready? If you have your sewing book handy (I recommended some in part 1 of this series) go ahead and grab it. I would also recommend looking through your closet (or better yet, your sewing pattern collection if you're starting to collect them, that is) to see where you can find these techniques in your clothing, or the clothing you want to make. 

Let's begin today with a quick synopsis of what pleats, tucks and gathers are. All three techniques are method for creating fullness in a garment. These techniques are often how we get "poofy-ness" in our skirts, dresses, and puff. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Eyelet (not quite) Crop Top - Vintage McCall's 4933

Hello, all! Several weeks ago I made this blouse using vintage McCall's 4933. Then I stumbled upon Allie J's recent make using the same pattern, which she, coincidentally, purchased from my family's store, The Tin Thimble! Allie's version is darling and is just another exceptional example of how awesome this blouse pattern is. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Basics of Garment Construction: Facings & Linings

Hello dear readers!

I've been doing a lot of brainstorming and I am excited to announce the next series of Sewcabulary posts. Over the next few months, we'll be discussing the basics of garment construction. These are words that you'll see in clothing pattern instructions that, if you're a beginner sewist, likely don't know yet. 

We'll cover one or two techniques per post, but I would love it if you would comment with terms you'd like some help with, that way I can make sure we cover everything!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Open Back Altered Version of Vintage McCall's 7145

After seeing this dress in a post by The Fox & She on Instagram I dug through my pattern collection to see what I could use to replicate it. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sew Yourself a Super Simple Tote Bag! (And Learn How to Line it!)

Hello! Today I'll show you how to make a super, super, easy tote bag. This project is SO good for beginning sewists and to make with children. I use mine for trips to the grocery store every week! It's strong, and cute, and if you choose the right fabric, is totally machine washable. 

This tutorial is part 1 of a two part collaboration with So Sew Easy. If you'd like to learn how to line the bag, there will be a link to part 2 later on in this post. If you don't want to line your bag (which is fine!) then just ignore the link later. I'll make notations in green for the directions that are different for the lining.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Handmade Vintage McCall's 4933 in Vintage Fabric

This darling blouse was supposed to be a simple, 3 hour (tops!) project. Well, it turned out taking a lot more of my time, but gosh is it a cute pattern!

It's McCall's 4933 (there's one available here), made with a vintage print, and a new solid.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Handmade Simplicity 3835 in Voile

Hello there! The next couple months have a lot in store for me (I just mailed my wedding invitations. Woo! About 100 days left till I'm a wife. Whoa.) which is great because I love being busy, but it's less great because it means less time for sewing. I made these simple, but aaaadorable, little tops a couple years ago using a Made by Wendy Simplicity #3835 pattern and voiles by Anna Maria Horner. I don't think they produce this pattern anymore, but I'm sure you could find it on Ebay. And you should. Because it's awesome.

Simplicity 3835 in Voile by Palindrome Dry Goods
Photo by Permanent Glimpse Photography

I highly recommend it for beginners. It only has 3 pattern pieces and requires you to sew very simple seams.

Simplicity 3835 in Voile by Palindrome Dry Goods
Photo by Permanent Glimpse Photography

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sewcabulary: Seams & Stitches. Plus a Free Printable Guide to Stitch Length & Width!

Sewcabulary: Understanding Seams & Stitches by Palindrome Dry Goods

Hello everyone! If you're on the East Coast, I hope you're faring this storm ok. We're supposed to get a couple feet here in Charleston, it's a great time to cozy up inside and bring you all a new Sewcabulary lesson! Today we'll be talking about seams and stitches. They're the foundation of our sewing, and therefore, deserve a good, thorough, lesson.  

Read on for a FREE printable guide to seam length & width, and a whole bunch of valuable sewing knowledge!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Colette Laurel in Double Gauze

I recently sewed up this sample piece for The Tin Thimble. The pattern is Colette's Laurel top. The fabric is double gauze by Lecien fabrics. The vintage trim, pattern and fabric are all available for sale in The Tin Thimble's Etsy shop!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why I Recommend Buying a Vintage Sewing Machine and What to Look for if you do

Palindrome Dry Goods: Why I Recommend Buying a Vintage Sewing Machine and What to Look for if you do 

When I taught sewing lessons at The Tin Thimble I always recommended that my students purchase a vintage sewing machine and they usually seemed surprised. Today, I'd like to share with you why I love older machines so much and what to look for when you purchase one. As always, feel free to comment below with questions!

Firstly, what qualifies as 'vintage'? Well there is some general disagreement out there about that, but for this post specifically, I mean machines made from the 1980's and older.