Chambray Romper: McCall's M7577

Let's talk about McCall's M7577, shall we? This pattern is darling. And if you want to, you can add funky sleeves and lace insets and leg ruffles. I mean, it's a stockpile of cute-ness.

I ixnayed the sleeves, leg ruffles and lace insets and opted for a more...streamlined? look. I turned this awesome flowy, drapey, denim (that feels more like chambray) from The Tin Thimble inside out, and used the 'wrong' side (available in black here). I knew I wanted a little late 60's, early 70's feel, and I knew I wanted trim of some sort. I looked through The Thimble's selection of trim but stumbled upon this one from Teapots and Telephones on Etsy and had to have it. 

I cut out a size 6. This pattern has 7" of ease. Seven. Had I cut out the size I should have made, according to the envelope, I would have been swimming in this romper. Sewist, be ware. Size down. Way down. 

I added 2" to the inseam and opened up the armscye by about 1/2".

I didn't like how they left the elastic casing loose, it twisted and rolled at my waist and would have driven me crazy. So, to keep it nice and flat, I stretched the waist seam out as I sewed and stitched the seam allowance of the casing to the bodice. This means there's an extra seam at the waistline, but with all the gathering from the elastic, it's not very noticeable,  its far more comfortable, and more flattering because there's not a lumpy roll of elastic in there. 

Here is the inside of the romper, with the 'right' side of the denim showing. Still haven't finished my seams, but I will. Promise. 

There are cute versions of this pattern popping up on Instagram, so if you think this pattern is cute but aren't sure what direction to take it in, be sure to check those out. 

Thanks for reading!

Other details: Shoes are deadstock from Kork Ease. Earrings are about 100 years old from Old Navy. Bangles are vintage celluloid.


  1. Really cute romper and I really like that trim you picked. It works perfectly


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