Cold Shoulder Version of McCall's 7542

Hey there!

When I found McCall's 7542 (not sure why the envelope has a different number, by the way) I knew it would hit the mark for me. I chose an organic cotton from Cloud 9 fabrics and decided to borrow the cold-shoulder trend from this year and alter the pattern a bit. 

I know I'm jumping the gun for spring clothing, a bit, but I need some color in my life. As I type this post, this is the view from my house:

*Insert blank stare.*

I need some COLOR in my life. 

Pantone's color of the year is a bright green called greenery, and while it's not a color I personally think looks good on me, I love the colors that pair with it. I do not like that Marsala color that was (and still is) so popular, so this 'greenery' is a much welcomed change. 

I'm not sure if I'm just maturing (and hence becoming more set in my ways), or if today's ready-to-wear clothing (at least those I can afford) really is declining in style and quality. Either way, I have been having such a hard time finding clothing in stores that I love. It's either boring, that marsala color I don't like, or it's polyester...all of which are automatic no's for me. I do love the cold-shoulder, bell sleeve, and lace-up trends and I was able to combine two of them in this shirt. 

Alterations I made to this shirt: removed top part of sleeve pattern to create cold-shoulder openings, skipped the zipper and added a tie & keyhole instead, sewed a slightly smaller 1" hem (1 1/4 recommended), hemmed the sleeves instead of cutting them on the fold.

On the inside: neck edge faced, all seams (except lower-sleeve), finished with flat fell seams & top stitched, lower-sleeve (where the lower edge of sleeve attaches to the bell) seam allowance was pressed down and sewed 1/2 from seam. A flat fell seam was going to be too hard to accomplish on the lower sleeve seam on both sides of the seam with the box pleats, but because of how I finished it, it is fraying a bit. I think I'll trim the allowance all the way back to the seam to prevent that. 

 Some of you may find this exciting: I am nearly 100% prepared to start video tutorials. I was considering a video on how to alter pattern pieces to achieve a cold-shoulder opening. What do you think? What other videos would you like to see?!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely week. See you soon!


Other details: Jeans by Levi's, shoes by White Mountain, watch by Fossil.


  1. Cute top! I'm wondering about the armscyes on it, can you fully lift your arms up?

    About the pattern number, their promotional copies have different ones. Probably so that they can track the effectiveness of their in-store displays.

    1. Hello there! Thank you! The armscyes are a bit tight, and next time I make this, I'll be definitely be enlarging them. I can lift my arms all the way up, but because of the length of the top, my stomach shows when I do so. So, needless to say, I won't be doing the monkey bars in this blouse. Thank you for explaining why the pattern number was different! Now I know!


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