Handmade McCall's 6091 Tent Blouse in Anna Maria Horner's Pretty Potent Voile

When Dan and I first moved to West Virginia it was February and there was about 4 feet of snow on the ground. It was cold. It was wet. It was grey and brown. So...drab. I'm from Northern California, the land of oaks and evergreens. It was weird to be in a place almost entirely with deciduous trees, and the lack of color was pretty discouraging. But, as nature does, things started changing right before our eyes, and just as the air began to warm, and the forests began to vibrate with growth, Dan and I found ourselves warming up to our home.

The weekly rain, and the humidity makes this place so beautiful now that it is green. There are thousands of shades of green on every tree. The forest is a mosaic of chartreuse, lime, sage, kelly, emerald, and olive. The moisture collects on the leaves and makes them sparkle like precious stones. There are birds, and plants and animals I have never seen before. 

My friend Chelsi and I went on a walk in a nature preserve outside of South Hills this week and I felt like I was in a foreign country. Dan and I camped in the forest near New River Gorge this weekend and it was spectacularly beautiful. I feel like a little kid when I'm in the forest here. "What is that?!" "Did you hear that?" "Whoa, look there, did you see that?" "Why are there so many turtles here?!?"

When we came home I was inspired by all the lovely greens and decided to use a cotton voile by Anna Maria Horner from her "Pretty Potent" line. I got this one from The Tin Thimble, and you can purchase it on their Etsy site.  

I took Vintage McCall's 6091 and altered it so that I could make a simple tent-blouse. The humidity here is something I am not at all used to, and I find that the less my clothing touches my torso, the happier I am. 

I finished the top with a chartreuse bias tape that doubles as straps that tie in bows. The inside is completely finished with flat fell seams to prevent any unravelling. 

Other details: pants from American Eagle. Earrings from Target. Sandals from Target. Silver bangle from Charming Charlie. Lipstick Maybelline's Color Whisper in "Cherry on Top". 

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  1. Turtles!?!?! I want to see turtles when I'm out there visiting. :) The new blouse is beautiful and I loved your comment about being like a kid when you're out in the forest. I always have questions like that for Chris and he looks at me like, "you think I have answers to those questions?" Lol!

    1. Turtles. Everywhere. I'm so excited for you to visit! Haha yep, Dan gives me the same look. And if it's a vine (any vine) he says "It's poison ivy, don't touch it". Again, like I'm a kid.

  2. This is a gorgeous top! Beautiful fabric and I love those earrings!

    1. Thank you so much Trish! (The earrings are from Target. Clearance score!)


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