Handmade Vintage McCall's 7113 Low Back Dress in Heather Bailey Rayon

Oh, hello there little blog. How have you been? It's been a while...that's my fault, I suppose. I'm not sure if other creative types feel this way, but I find that my creative energy waxes and wanes. Sometimes more than others, and the last year and a half was obviously a waning period. I feel like I should recap my life? 

Perhaps just as a foundation for which I can build this kind of old/kind of new/kind of the same blog. My fiancee and I recently left the sunny foothills of California and moved to Charleston, West Virginia (fiancee! What? I know, I can barely believe it myself. I could blab on and on about him for hours, but more on that and other life changes later). West Virginia? Oh, yes. It's been an education for the two of us, undoubtedly (so many words and expressions I've never heard). He was accepted into an electrical lineman apprenticeship and while I am job hunting (and adjusting to living in what sometimes feels like a foreign country), I have been blessed with the freedom to do what I want for a while.  I am spoiled, I know. So, after shipping myself several boxes of fabric, and my beloved sewing tools, I got to sewing. I haven't felt this excited to sit at my trusty lil' sewing machine in quite some time, and I must admit that it feels good to be using my hands again. Emotionally, creatively, physically, I feel better. Too hippie? Eh? Oh well, it's true. I've had this vintage pattern in my stash for a while now, but I could never find the right fabric for it. 

Vintage 1960's McCalls Pattern #7113.

Lovely, lovely, lovely 100% Rayon by Heather Bailey from her Momentum line, available here.

I finished the circle skirt with bias tape, and because I never seem to have more than 2 feet of any one color, I pieced together hot pink, pink, light pink, and off white so that it has this sort of ombre transition around the hem. I love that you can see a pop of color now and then when the skirt moves. 

The highlight of the dress is obviously the back, with that awesome, oversized bow. 

Lastly, a few noted details. My shoes are "Galone" t-straps by Guess. The vintage heart bracelet is vintage from my Great Auntie Charlotte (who had killer taste). Also, I'm so, so glad to be back and I'm excited to hear from all of you again! Does your creativity also lag? Have you seen other things made out of this exquisite fabric? Do you have any wedding advice for me?! Share, share, share. Let's do this continuation, fresh-start thing together.  


  1. Wow, I love the colour and bow! Its also nice how the dress is vintage without looking costumey :)

    1. Thank you very much! That is always such a hard feat to accomplish, so thank you for commenting!

  2. I so excited and happy you are do what you love! Your work is amazing, you designs beautiful. Keep it up.


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