The Ocean Has My Heart.

School, work, school, more school, tests, intermediate bug-catching breaks (for an entomology class), school, work, and then... a trip to Mendocino. A real vacation in a bed and breakfast with fun people, good vibes and no stress. Aaahhhh. I don't have much to say for this post. Mostly just some lovely photos that speak for themselves and hopefully translate a bit of the incredibly peaceful weekend I just enjoyed with Matthew and his family. Hope you're all doing well! I have exciting things to blog about coming up. Stay posted!

The "sand" at Glass Beach

The B&B Matthew's family friends own and so generously let us all invade. It was gorgeous inside and out! 

I love a good foggy day (especially when it's 100 degrees at home).


The view from the headlands, a short 5 minute walk from the house. Sigh. 

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