A spin on life

As I said in the last post, I learned to do something very exciting over Thanksgiving break. My mom and my sister (Lisa) taught me how to spin! Yes, as in how to spin wool into yarn, with a real-life spinning wheel. My sewing had become a bit stagnant and my embroidery and paper crafting skills weren't exactly improving, hence, it was a perfect time to learn something new and feel inspired again! 

My firsts successful plied yarn. A little too chunky, and a little too thin in some places. All in all though, I'd say it was a good first attempt!

Hanging to dry after the twist was set.

I also spun that blue, purple and green one! 

An action shot! 

After having spun the yarn, my boyfriend gave me a nice little refreshing demonstration on how to crochet. One (and a half) new skills over one vacation. Now that 's a success! What would you like to learn how to do??

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