Ah, to take a vacation

What started out with a rather depressing Friday turned out to be a rather wonderful weekend. Here is a wee preface to the weekend I'm about to describe to you: I am a crazy person and am taking an 8 week summer course in Organic Chemistry. Alkanes, alkenes, benzenes, alcohols, hydrocarbons, ketones, sugars, carbohydrates, etc, etc. I call this The Summer of No Fun. Chemistry absorbs every moment of my life. I am in class for 6 solid hours, I go home and do 3-8 hours of homework, I go to bed and guess what? I dream about chemistry. So, needless to say, when I find even a smidgen of free time, I take full advantage of it. I pulled myself out of my bad mood on Friday, looked at my mom and sisters at work and said in a determined tone, "I am going to do something fun. I will see you on Sunday". And so it was, the boyfriend and I packed the car with camping gear, food and beer and off we went. And this is where we ended up.

We stayed at the Plum Creek campgrounds in Sierra City, CA at camp stite #38. To be exact. Those are the Sierra Buttes and we didn't even have to lift our heads off the pillow to look at that lovely view. It was so nice to get out into the wild and not think about...stuff (especially chemistry) for a while. We went on a beautiful hike, ended up losing the trail in a mountain of snow, ate yummy camping food, sat around the fire and nearly froze our rear-ends off at night. All in all, a pretty nice weekend. 

And that is Gold Lake in the Lake's Basin region off of Hwy 49 here in California. We're so lucky to be a short 2 hours away from this. Anyway, it was back to business on Sunday, so we packed up early and headed home. My sister Emma came over for dinner that evening and we celebrated Father's Day. I attempted to sew a little later that night, but was simply too tired and kept messing up. I hate it when I can't do something as simple as sew on some bias tape, so I threw in the towel (or the altered man's shirt for that matter) and decided to write a blog post instead. Hopefully I wasn't too tired to spell or form coherent sentences. Anyway, my little garden is just growing away and I'm excited to share it so I'll post again soon. Happy summer everyone, I hope yours is more fun than mine! 

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