A Rapido Hola

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

This holiday seems to be a big hit in college towns...tequila, beer, margaritas oh and actual mexican food too. Silly college students. Anyway, I spent my day finishing *duhn* *duhn* *duhn* The Dress from Hell. And the good news is....IT'S DONE! Here's a little sneak peak. I'll take photos soon and make a new post, so keep your eyes out! 

I was feeling a wee bit home sick the other day and found myself making something that always reminds me of my mom and my grandma, homemade popcorn. Yep, real butter and salt and the whole nine yards. Delicious. Made me feel better right away.

While sitting at my desk today working on the Dress from Hell, I actually pulled out the manual for my sewing machine (which I have never done). My sewing machine originally belonged to my Great Aunt Charlotte and I inherited it about 5 years ago. The manual says it was printed in 1973, so that would make the manual and my machine 38 years old. I don't think Charlotte ever in all her years of sewing cracked open the manual. There is not a dog-ear, or a smudge or a torn page. Apparently my Aunt and I share more than just our love of sewing, we share personality traits. Perhaps, stubbornness? Determination? The inability to make things simple and just read the freakin' manual?

I guess I like to color coordinate things. It wasn't on purpose I swear. And yeah, the little box sitting on the window sill is the same chartreuse-y color. I do love that color though. 

Remember, the reveal of Handmade Summer Wardrobe Fashion Show piece # 5 coming soon! Check back!

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