Something for the Dude

I never sew mens' clothing. Never. But when my boyfriend gave me this puppy dog face and asked why I had never made him anything....well, I caved. Of course, he couldn’t want a simple project like a potholder or a pillowcases. Oh no, he wanted a men’s western shirt complete with pearl snaps and pointed yolks. 

So, off to the fabric store we went. I drug him around until he decided on the colors and fabrics he wanted. Armed with my mom for help (thank goodness for her sewing expertise!), an awesome 1950’s pattern and my snap gun, I went at it. 

A month (or two…) later he tried it on for the last time and I took an enormous sigh of relief when it fit him wonderfully. 

He wore it square dancing just a few weeks later and I had boys asking me left and right for their own western shirts. Ha! If only they knew how long it took him (nearly 4 years, FYI) to get his very own Palindrome original.

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