Ribbed Knit Madalynne X Simplicity 8435 Bodysuit

Let's talk about this whole body suit trend, you guys. I dunno. I'm torn. I partook in about ten years of fairly-serious ballet and tap classes and I wore a lot of leotards. A lot. So, when I saw that leotards were coming into fashion as an adult, I instantly rejected them. "Absolutely not." I thought. "Been there. Done that."

But then I saw Simplicity 8435 by Madalynne

If you don't know who Madalynne is, well you should head over to her website and acquaint yourself. She's a powerhouse of a woman who designs lovely lingerie, teaches sewing workshops and has created an all around beautiful brand.

I had some knit in my stash (that I'm fairly certain was from JoAnn, but I'm not positive) and I figured this was a 'bodysuit' (all I see is leotard) that I could get behind...or in.

And let me tell you, I'm glad I went for it. First of all, holy smokes is this knit soft. It's so cuddly. It's like wearing jersey sheets. Because I work from home and most days I don't leave our house (read: camper) I like to pair it with these Levi 501 CTs that have the ugliest wash. In addition to the abhorrent wash, they're too big, and they have paint on them but I love them. I wear them all the time. Maybe it's the button fly I can't get enough of? I dunno. Anyway, the combination of the bodysuit and the slouchy jeans has become somewhat of my at-home uniform. 

Secondly, I can't believe how versatile this bodysuit is. I think it would pair wonderfully with skirts (like this outfit Madalynne created) and over Thanksgiving I did wear it with a pair of corduroy pants and a slouchy sweater and I loved my outfit. It's also fantastic under pajama or sweat pants, and I'm even considering wearing it skiing this winter as an extra under layer. Basically, the bodysuit does it all. 

Some things I did differently than the pattern suggested: I didn't have clear elastic so I used 1/2" regular elastic, which I know isn't ideal. I chose not to put the elastic in the armholes because I know that the elastic I used is significantly stiffer than what was recommended. And I didn't want it rubbing in my armpits, so I skipped that. It also gives me a pretty hard core panty line if I pair it with pants that are too tight. Again, I think this is my fault for using the wrong elastic. There is a version included in this pattern for a thong, which would be a good idea if you wanted to wear it with tight pants. 

I used snap tape for the placket and the crotch because every time I've installed snaps with one of those guns, they come out and it's frustrating. This tape is the best. Seriously easy to install, 100% cotton (mine was vintage) and I don't have to worry about my snaps popping out. I'd recommend going this route if you don't feel like wresting with snap guns. 

Overall, I'm happy I stepped outside my comfort zone and decided to make (and actually wear) this bodysuit. It's super cozy and I've been wearing it all the time.  Also, because I usually stay away from knits (for some unknown reason) this was a great project to help me get over my fear. I'm actually looking forward to making my husband a knit henley in the coming weeks. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. As always, I love to hear from my readers about what they're making. It's a great way to stay inspired, you know? Come and find me on Instagram (@palindromedrygoods) and tell me what you're working on!


Other details: Sewn with my Janome HD3000.  My sterling silver chain is from this Etsy seller and I've worn it basically every day since I got it. 

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