Vintage Dotted Swiss McCall's 7145

I've been hanging onto this lilac dotted swiss probably for 9 years now. I dug McCall's 7145  out of my pattern collection (which I used for this dress) and decided to hack off the skirt to make a blouse. 

I talked in my last post about what a hard time I've having finding clothing I like in stores. I love the lace-up trend we're seeing this year, and I knew I could tie that in with a garment I loved with this pattern. 

Fully lined with a pure white cotton/linen blend.

I need to sew a hook and eye to the top of the zipper, but I forgot to do that until AFTER I took the pictures for this post. Dang it. 

Alterations I made to the pattern: I took it up in the shoulders about 3/4". I also made loops out of my tie and added them in when I attached the lining, which is not how the pattern said to do it. I made a gathered peplum instead of the skirt. This piece measured about 8" x 45". 

Yes, that is a center-front seam. I love this fabric so much and I wanted to save enough of it for a dress in the future, so instead of cutting the front piece on the fold, I was able to get two front bodice pieces out from a single-layer of fabric.

I LOVE how this pattern attached the lining to the exterior, and this method has always scared me, but after completing this blouse, I'll be using it more often. The pattern instructed to sew the exterior shoulder seams right side together, then sew around the neck and back openings and armholes, leaving the lining shoulder seams unsewn. Then, you turned it all right-side-out, folded your shoulder seams in 5/8" inch and hand-sew them closed. GENIUS. 

I'm loving these spring colors and I'm looking so forward to a day warm enough for me to wear this shirt.  Thanks so much for stopping by and check back soon!


Other details: Jeans are my Birkin Flares. Shoes by Korks (can't find them anywhere, sorry!). Necklace from this Etsy seller.  Bracelet was a gift, so I'm not sure where it's from (but it has the coordinates where I met my husband on it. How cute is that? Thanks, Kels.) 


  1. It looks lovely! I love how fresh and springy it looks. I actually really like the center front seam, I find it "lengthens" the torso!

    1. You are right about the center front seam! I totally agree. Thank you so much for reading.


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