Rosari Skirt in Olive Denim

Hello everyone! It's been a minute since I popped in here. How are you? Has summer been good to you? 

Today I'm here to share something I've been wearing often since I made it: The Pauline & Alice Rosari skirt

This little skirt has been a great staple through summer and it'll be even better in autumn. I'm thinking about making another in corduroy to pair with tights and boots. Cute, right?

If you've been eyeing 70's inspired skirts like this one but are scared off by the button placket, don't be! This pattern is drafted beautifully and the placket came together so easily. 

I made mine using a very heavy weight olive might have been a little too heavy weight, but I like it anyway. I purchased this fabric from Metro textiles in Manhattan when the husband and I were living in New Jersey. The brushed brass post buttons are from Butoni, also in Manhattan, and both the fabric and the buttons are super high quality. Gotta love the NYC garment district!

I made mine is a size 38 and graded in just slightly for the waist. That's the only change I made and the skirt fits my shape fantastically.

In all of my sewing projects this year I've been attempting to use what I already have. It's not so much a 'cleanse', or a 'challenge' or anything, it's just been me trying to move through my stash. So, for the pockets I used some darling scraps I had left over from about 8 years ago, and I finished all the seams of the skirt with bias tape from Japan that my sister sent me. Side note: this Japanese bias tape is sold at their 100 Yen shop (a dollar store, basically) and is 100% cotton. And it's adorable. Send me all the Japanese bias tape, sister!

Thanks for stopping by, dear reader. I'll be back in a few days with some exciting news to share with you all. Stay tuned!


Other details: Sewn with my Janome HD3000. Shoes are deadstock from Kork Ease. Can't remember the brand of my shirt and I cut the label out. So, 🤷🏼‍♀️.

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