Handmade Vintage McCall's 4933 in Vintage Fabric

This darling blouse was supposed to be a simple, 3 hour (tops!) project. Well, it turned out taking a lot more of my time, but gosh is it a cute pattern!

It's McCall's 4933 (there's one available here), made with a vintage print, and a new solid.

I didn't have enough of the vintage floral print to make the entire top, but I love it so much and I've had it forever, so I decided to improvise. The sleeves, and front are from the vintage fabric, while the collar, back and facings are made of a new 100% cotton solid in yellow.

For some inexplicable reason, the collar was about 2" too short for the neckline. I checked the sizes of the pattern pieces, no issue there. I checked that the collar was in the fact the one that came with the pattern, and it was. I checked to make sure I wasn't trying to sew the wrong side of the collar onto the blouse (this isn't my first collar, I'd like to note!), I wasn't. SO weird. I don't know. So I made a small pleat in the back, and I stretched and pulled, and was able to work an extra inch of ease out of the curve of the collar, so that it aaaaalmost met in the middle front of the blouse. Because there was still a gap, I added the bow to cover it. The pattern features a bow to begin with, and I thought it was cute, so there, problem solved.

The pattern had also been cut shorter, and did not include the original pieces. Initially, I thought that the original length would be long enough for a 1" hem, but after trying it on, I realized it would be too short. So, I added a large interfacing to finish the hem (which only took a hair less than 1/4 inch) and hand stitched a blind-hem at the bottom. This is a fantastic way to hem any garment that is too short for a traditional rolled hem!

I love the way it looks and how it adds stability to the bottom of the blouse. Also, because the blouse is so boxy, I didn't want more seams cutting up the silhouette, so I hand-finished the sleeve hems as well. Just a few added minutes of work, but I think it really enhances the quality and look of the garment.

I'll be honest, it's snowing here, so this blouse is a bit precocious, but it makes me feel better to think that spring is, in fact, going to be here at some point. 

What spring projects are you working on, sewing-related or other wise? Next, I'd love to make the Birkin Flare Jeans by Baste + Gather!

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  1. Hannah, this is absolutely adorable! Love the color so much.


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