Handmade Vintage McCall's Blouse Pattern in Corduroy

When I was little I always looked forward to visits from my Auntie Charlotte and Uncle George. They were technically my great aunt & uncle, and they always brought Carnation Instant Breakfast packets with them. At the time I thought it was a gift, and an awesome one at that, (my mom didn't buy them for us. Too much sugar or some rational nutrition excuse like that. Pft.), but now that I look back on it, I think they just brought us the flavors they didn't like.

When I found a vintage McCall's blouse pattern, I instantly paired it with this floral corduroy (available from The Tin thimble's 
Etsy) in honor of Auntie Charlotte and her blouses. 

They seemed so old when I was little, and because there weren't a lot of old people in my life, I was so intrigued by them. Auntie Charlotte wore these lovely boxy blouses made out of soft floral prints in pinks, green, blues and yellows and I always admired them. 

Later in life, after their passing, I would receive Auntie Charlotte's sewing machine, a large portion of her kitchen, and a handful of other beautiful, quality items. I hold these items dear to my heart and I always smile to think that everywhere I go, if I'm wearing her jewelry, or wearing something made on her machine, I take her with me. 

Other details: Shoes from Target, from last year. Jeans from Gap that have been altered about 20 times. I think I finally like them. The blouse is not lined, just interfaced and finished with vintage plastic buttons in yellow. 


  1. You look absolutely stunning my love.

  2. lovely story and such a lovely blouse. It is a boxy blouse but the fabric choice and the way you wear it gives you a stylish piece of garment.


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