Post graduation life is weird. Living on your own is even weirder. There are certain things that you take for granted when you live with your parents, and even when you live with roommates. Living in my teensy-tiny little apartment is awesome in countless ways, but it is also rather strange at times, and I now realize the things I previously took for granted. Like garlic salt. I've never  had to buy garlic salt because someone else always had it. And despite the fact that there is only me to make messes now, I find that I still do as much cleaning as I did when I lived with other people. Too bad that didn't change! Anyway, when I moved I realized I didn't have one of the most simple things, a couch. Turns out that despite the fact that I'm feelin' pretty darn independent these days, I still need the help of my family. Thanks to my mom and dad, their endless creativity and a pretty neat stack of reclaimed wood, we were able to construct a lovely couch! Here is my sad, incomplete living room before...

Solid redwood from a pergola at The Benbow Inn in Humboldt County and tounge-and-groove slats from my sister's remodeled kitchen. 

Dad doin' his thing with the saw. 

Me using the nail gun. I could use that thing all day, it's fun! 


...and after!!

I recovered my pillows and the cushion I found with fabrics from The Tin Thimble to complete the look. Thanks to my parents for all their patience and help!

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  1. I loved sitting on that couch tonight! That thing is STUUURRRDY! Love it!


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