The Quarter-Life Crisis


Gosh, I'm so sorry for my absence! It's been too long. Things in my life have been a little...hectic. I'm graduating from college in May (just a mere 53 days from now) and am finding myself at one of those places you commonly hear referred to as a "crossroads". The scary and exhilarating fact of complete independence lies before me. Living on my own in my very own apartment, paying all of my own bills (Family, thanks for all the help these past few years!), making all my own money.
I look back on the college town I've fallen in love with, all the incredible friends I've made and the general shenanigans Chico and my friends have gotten us into. I look forward, somewhat reluctantly, somewhat excitedly, to what happens from here on. Two jobs, starting a new chapter, making new friends, learning new skills and I think, "Does this mean I'll be a...a...a grown up? A real grown-up, adult-like person?" Weird.
I always knew I'd be excited to graduate college and move on with life but I was unprepared for the overwhelming amount of changes and decisions that would come with this graduation business. So to distract myself from the absolutely confusing mixture of melancholy and thrilling emotions I've been feeling, I've been trying to stay focused on the little things like...

...the beautiful spring weather, and all the blossoms that come with it. 

...graduation preparations that involve parties and purty dresses. Dress from Anthropologie. Shoes from DSW.  

...sewing pretty spring items for Etsy and Mending Mondays (for my local followers, there's more information on my Facebook page).

...beginning projects for the Tin Thimble's Fashion Week

I will have some exciting projects to share with you soon, so please stay tuned. Happy Spring, everyone! As always, comments and shares are greatly appreciated and make me glow with happiness!

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