I never really think of sewing as art, at least not the kind of sewing I do. However, when I was asked to create a piece for The Tin Thimble's "All in the Family" exhibition for the Auburn Art Walk at Oz Gallery of Fine Jewelry, I had to rethink that notion. It was obvious that I wanted to sew something...or rather "sew" something, but fabric (that I could afford) just wasn't going to be artsy enough. After a very long and fun trip to Chico Scrapbooks I decided upon paper for my medium. I also obtained some of the paper from this incredible art store in Fort Bragg called Racines. Long story short, my dress has a regular muslin underdress, and then is covered (through tedious pinning, glueing and tacking) by pleated, folded and layered paper!

This piece, along with all of my Mother's and Sister's art pieces can be viewed at Oz Gallery in Auburn until November 30th. If you're local, you should go take a gander. Not to brag, but my family's pretty damn talented (ok, maybe I'm bragging a little). 

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