My (2nd) Favorite Time of the Year

If you didn't all ready know, I love Halloween. I mean, I really love Halloween. A lot. Also, it's a good time of year to be a seamstress. I get the wildest requests for costume help and I'm always up for a challenge.  This year (so far, that is) I've been a circus ring-leader and a sugar skull. I've whipped up a pretty sweat gnome costume to wear on Wednesday when all the little kids come trick or treating but I'll share photos of that later. 

Vest I bought at a thrift store, and embellished the crap out of. I added rick rack, epaulettes, pocket square, sequin trim. 

I added a couple red ruffles to my dance shorts to make a faux bustle. 

Sparkly tights! 

I did my makeup following several makeup tutorials on Youtube. I would highly recommend Kandee Johnson and Tanya Burr for similar looks. Elf sparkly eyeliner, L'Oreal foundation, Covergirl blush, Clinique mascara, Covergirl lipstick and Elf liquid eyeliner in black.

This was SO much fun to do. I received inspiration from Pinterest and then put my own spin on it. The white, black and red makeup is all from a cheap vampire palette I bought at Target for $3. I was called everything from creepy to awesome. Chya! 

 I can't wait to see all the little kids dressed up on Wednesday (lets face it, their costumes are always the best). Happy Halloween everyone!

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