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The Tin Thimble's 2012 Handmade Summer Wardrobe Fashion Show was on June 30th and it was an immense success. THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who showed up, participated and supported us this year. We had 100 attendees! A HUNDRED! And 19 girls walked in the show this year, which is almost four times the amount of participants we had last year. I cannot express my exuberance, thankfulness, and encouragement enough. Not only do I work tirelessly for this event, but my mother, my sister and our supporters do as well. It was so completely, wonderfully, exciting to see all of our effort pay off at such a well attended event with so many lively and happy people there. That kind of attendance and support only pushes me to plan an even BETTER (thats right, I said better) show for next year. You just wait! Before I get way ahead of myself though, here are pictures from this years FANTASTIC show!

Mom and I went with a bit of a Carnival theme this year. The runway went in a circle which we accidentally realized mimics a circus ring! Peanuts, 1930's ads, ticking, pennant garlands, circus lights, antique fruit crates and 1920's music wrapped the theme up. 

I've gotta be honest. I really, reeeeally, like the poster Emma and I designed this year.

Me in my "Daisy" wrap top. Vintage fabric and a 1980's pattern. Made by me.

Emma in her reversible flirty skirt. Anna Maria Horner voile and pattern.

Me in my "Rice" dress. Lotta Jansdotter fabric and a vintage pattern. See previous blogpost.

The "Blurple" dress. New Look pattern, vintage fabric. See previous blog post. 

Emma laughing. Of course. In her cute ginger skirt. Lotta Jansdotter fabric and a Collette pattern. 

My mother in her cowboy wrap dress. Vintage fabric, vintage pattern. Only she could wear that and get away with it. 

New Look pattern, voile. See previous blog post. 

Emma in her "Crepe" dress. Joel Dewberry voile and a Collette pattern. Fit her like a glove. 

My mother in a great 1940's style halter dress. Vintage pattern, Alexander Henry fabric. 

Me in my "Keyhole" dress. Vintage and new fabrics, mixed patterns altered by me. See previous blog post.

My mom in her "Crabapple" dress. Great vintage pattern, Farmington fabric. My favorite piece of hers this year!

My mother in her overalls. Altered vintage pattern, new fabrics. Soooo my mother!

Mom, Emma and me. 


Just some of our guests!!

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