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The spring semester has started here at Chico State and I am taking a full, and exciting, load of classes. Agricultural Genetics, Agricultural Issues, Irrigation, Soil Science and Soil Quality and Health. Finally, I have gotten to a point in this ridiculous public education system where I am taking classes that only apply to my major: Crops, Horticulture and Land Resource Management. Hip-hip, HORRAY!!! In celebration of this new beginning, I took some time from these hectic first three weeks of school, and sewed myself some school supplies. I'd never made either of these things before, but they were an absolute success, and I am enthusiastic about making more of them.

Firstly, I made a pencil case using a tutorial from A Spoon Full of Sugar. The tute is really well done and the end result is high in quality and design. I altered mine a bit, as I usually do, but I would highly recommend using their step-by-step directions!

These nifty little cases can be used for a million different things and are a great way to use up your scraps. My scrap jars are currently at maximum capacity. All my colorful little remnants are, quite literally, exploding out of their containers. 

Next, I, finally, made myself a laptop case. Have you seen how expensive these are to buy?? Ridiculous, that's all I have to say. I received some laminated cotton by Amy Butler from The Tin Thimble last time I was home, and because it's water proof, I thought it the perfect material to use to protect my oh-so-necessary computer. It's double padded, lined, and complete with a zipper. 

So yeah, the year is off to a good sewing start! I'll be making more of both these, perhaps the laptop covers will end up on my Etsy account.....hmmm. As always, comments are appreciated and well-loved. Happy February everyone!

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