Call me old fashioned...

...And I would happily exclaim "Thank you!"

I spent my day gardening and canning. I made Zucchini dill pickles, wild strawberry jam, and canned corn. Last week I made pickled Jalapenos and blackberry jam. I guess I'm a wee bit obsessed, haha.

My canned corn all cozy in the pressure cooker. 

Picking wild strawberries is no easy task. Their small and fragile and well hidden beneath their leaves. 

One cup of these little beauties yielded just slightly more than 1/2 cup of jam. Oops! Guess I'll have to be more patient in my collecting next time.

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  1. How fun, canning! I want to learn how to do that too. I don't think you're old fashioned at all. :-)


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