Handmade Cynthia Rowley 2250 in Vintage Stripe

It's done! Hallelujah. This is the Dress from Hell. Now that it's done and I can actually wear it, I'll give it a nicer name. The Sun Umbrella Dress. Made with a Cynthia Rowley and vintage fabric. The fabric is a medium weight cotton canvas with big 1"-2" stripes. It reminds me of an umbrella you would see on the beach. It ties in the back and because I passionately despise invisible zippers, the closure is a button and loop set up. 

Photos by Marie Clark of Permanent Glimpse Photography.


  1. It's adorable!!! I can't wait to see it in person.

  2. Adorable! I have the pattern in the queue to be made up, but I keep hearing horrible things about the pattern. Your version is too cute though and I'm glad you finished it!.

  3. Thank you! If I could make a suggestion about the pattern, I would say to just use the pattern pieces and throw the directions away. haha. Things would have gone so much smoother if I had just done it my way instead of suffering through the directions. I am very glad that I finished it too! Whew! Thank you so much for commenting Rebecca.

  4. My daughter picked this pattern also- I have tried the top in muslin- you are right, it's a nightmare! Any tips would be helpful!!!
    Yours is darling and it fits so nicely! I was going to give up but this is an inspiration!

  5. Thank you so much, I'm so glad I can be inspiring! :D
    Hmm, tips. Let's see, I'd nix the weird underlining/3rd layer on the bodice. Too many layers. I also wouldn't put the single lining in the way the directions told you. I would NOT follow the directions for the pockets, I would just use common sense to put them in. I wouldn't advise putting in an invisible zipper, there's too much fabric in the back where the elastic casing is and I think it would turn out looking too bulky.
    I hope these things are kinda helpful. Like I said above, I'd basically just throw the directions away and use the pattern pieces. It fits really well in the end if you take the patience to make it work. Good luck Kim!


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